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WizKing is summer camp project that I did with a team in one summer couple of years back. I was working first time with people I hadn't met before, but in the end we did work together pretty well.  

Game idea

You are a mage creating a new village, so its your work to build houses for potential villagers for them to get a job. Problem is these evil monsters coming to destroy everything every night. Even worse, it seems that they are getting more and more in numbers with each passing night.

This is endless game so there is no ending, other than your horrible death and destruction of the village. 


WASD - move
Left click - place building
Right click- rotate building
Mouse Wheel - change building

Change to attack mode from the top of the screen
This mean left mouse button will attack.

We were suppose to have more spells, which is why the in game instructions are wrong. We wanted to have several spells on the number buttons, but only had time to make 1 and just settled with making "attack mode" instead of being able to attack all the time.


Severi Jokiperä - Lead Programmer
Siavash Habibi - Programmer
Ville Kaikkonen - Artist


Wizking.zip 45 MB

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