My first customer project I ever made in 2017. 

I was still young, 19 year old lad still studying in vocational school, just learning how to make games. Me and my friends decided to join the Global Game Jam in Vaasa, and had tons of fun working together. While there, we met this dude, Patric Latvasalo, who wanted to study games effect to brand awareness as a part of his thesis, and he needed someone to make a game for this purpose. Me and my amazing 3D-modeler friend, Juho Jokela, took the challenge and created a game of his design. 

Making the game basically took us few weeks, but it was a fun little project and taught us much about working with customer. We also learned how playtesting is a pain in the arse, and things being simple to us, won't be quite as simple to others.   But over all, the game came out nice. So nice  actually, that me and couple of my friends started to speed run this to see who's the fastest. I'm little sad, because we were young and didn't know what version control is, so I don't have the actual project anywhere anymore, but at least I still have this one build to remind me of simpler days.

WASD, Arrows, or sides of the screen with mouse: Move
Space, or mouse click: Jump

Producer/Customer: Patrick Latvasalo
3D modeling and Design: Juho Jokela
Pogramming and Gameplay: Severi Jokiperä
Music: Joonas Hernesaho

And anyone interested, here is a link to the thesis this game was made part of.

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